#miniaturemonday catching up with the backlog

So it’s been a while since I had chance to share any of my painted minis. Partly, because I’m still learning how to be a dad 14 months in, and partly because finances haven’t been too great. I’ve still not picked up 8th ed, so have no idea what it plays like or what the new fluff is.

But in the meantime, I’ve taken it as an opportunity to work through my backlog of minis. Still a way to go,  but I think this is a good start…

First up are four veterans for my Parted Sons DIY chapter. Nothing special, just kitbashes, some of which are new, and some which have languished in my “to-paint” box for a fair while. 

Next up is a new army commander in termie armour, with a bodyguard of three marines armed with Powerswords and storm shields. The commander I’ve shared on Twitter before, but when I finished him, I decided I wanted a small bodyguard for him. Digging through my bits box, I came across an old metal emperors champion, an old metal iron warriors commander, and the body of one of the marine crew from the quad mortar kit FW (may have that wrong – it’s the model that can be proxied as a thunderfire cannon) which felt right. All received a shield arm from the FW upgrade spru, new swords and backpacks. Nothing complicated (though the emperors champion required a saw), and I’m happy with the results. 

Next is the beginning a mechanicum force. So far just the two you see above. I’m particularly pleased with the plain tech priest from the IG range. It has a wonderful sense of character, and having the model in lead helped me when I accidentally knocked it off the paint table shortly after I’d primed it! 

Next, a few inquisitorial reinforcements – three acolytes. The kneeling acolyte was a repaint of a model given to me a number of years back that had seen a little wear and tear. I replaced the head and the right arm, then just undercoated and painted. I’m pleased with the checked jacket, though where the squares aren’t there as a guide, my freehand doesn’t quite match the standard set by the sculpt. The model with the machete is a pure kitbash, using bits from the old dark vengeance starter set, the scions kit, the empire militia kit, and the head from the old deathwatch upgrade spru (from before the deathwatch were cool.) the final model – the acolyte with the book and flamer – was a pure joy to paint. No conversions, just a beautiful sculpt with a great sense of character. 

I also found the chance to kitbash one more fallen. This brings me up to 13 fallen, plus the two versions of cypher and a dread. I’m still not sure where I’m going with these – from what I gather, there are rules for fallen in the new chaos codex, but I’m not 100% sure they’ll ever hit the battlefield. Considering they initially started out as a tester for a Dark Angel heresy force, I might return to that idea…but I’m not sure. 

Finally, this isn’t a model I’ve completed recently, but one that’s sat in a cupboard for at least a year. I initially painted it up as a test piece for an eldar army. I made one alteration (a new head, taken from Victoria Miniatures), and when it was painted, I made the mistake of sharing it on an Eldar Facebook group. And I got absolutely slated, because the model had a beard. It was enough to make me just put it back in the cupboard and delete the post and leave that group. That being said, with the release of shadow wars Armageddon, I’m tempted to revisit the Eldar…

Anyway, a quick photo dump. Let me know what you think! 


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