What to paint, what to do?

Morning all,

As it may be clear to those of you who have perused this blog, I have over the past year or so found myself working on a DIY Space Marine chapter called the Parted Sons. As a force, I’m immensely proud of them. This is the first chapter, for me, where my own fluff, painting style and style of play seemed to have clicked.

T?hat being said, I’ve reached the point where I’m ready to do something different. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not looking to part with the parted sons, but rather that I’m looking for something new to do.

I picked up, back in June / July of last year, a whole swathe of Vostroyans. 5 squads, one command squad, and one squad of ratling snipers. As of this moment, 2 are painted, and the rest of the squads have had a multitude of flash removed and glued to bases.


They are beautiful models, though working on metal again is both a joy and a curse. A joy, because they’re so much more robust. And a curse because, well, they’re so much more robust. Talk about aching fingers…

However, I was distracted the other day by something from AoS. Yes, I’m genuniely as surprised as you are

Over on the Ex Profundis blog, Jake (Bruticus) has done a blog on the subject of Warriors of Malal. 

Now, in the world of 40k, theres a renegade chapter known as the Sons of Malice. Inspired by the same idea of a renegade God of Chaos known as Malal, the name got changed over time for a range of reasons. Black Library printed a short story about them a few years ago, and at the tail end of last year I did a test model for them, using up left over chaos and imperium termie bits.


And there this model has stayed, as a test model, a way to prove to myself that I could paint a quartered scheme.

But feeling inspired by the warriors of malal, I am tempted to revisit them…

Time will tell!


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